Agistment & Spelling
Tanglewood is over 100 acres of good, well-drained land that is ideal for the agistment and spelling      of  all horses  -  Thoroughbreds, QuarterHorses, Stock horses, etc, etc.

Facilities are available for :

  • Short term agistment ranging from one day, a week or a month.
  • Quarterhorses- ALEC Tamworth events.
    .   Long term agistment for periods of six to 12 months and permanent.

  • Pasture only, or with added feed, in accordance with the owner's requirements.
  • TYPICAL  AGISTMENT - pasture + 2 feeds per day.

  • The spelling of racehorses between each of their preparations for the racetrack.

  • Holiday Agistment & Care - Many horse owners have their own facilities for their horse, however, also wish to have a break and go on holidays. Tanglewood provides a "home away from home for the owner's horse" enabling their the owner to have a holiday knowing their horse is being cared for in a safe and proper manner.
       The owners can holiday free of any stress regarding the feeding and care of their horse.
                                The result - A holiday for both owner and horse.

  •     *** Supplementary Feed, rugging, etc, AVAILABLE ***
  • Facilities available for -  Mares, geldings, Weanlings & Yearlings.

DROUGHT CONDITIONS-  Due to current lack of pastures, agistment is limited.

“I have a broodmare on long term agistment at Tanglewood and they have attended to her breeding & foaling-down. I am over-the- moon with my Dixie Prospect filly foal and am relaxed in the knowledge that she & her mum are well cared for and in great condition."

Mr Dennis Morrell, - Owner/breeder, Gold Coast, Qld